Pumped Hydro strengthens the team

Pumped Hydro Storage has strengthened its team with Thomas Johansson as CEO, with Raine Vasanoja as Commercial Director and with Mikael Bergmark as Project Manager.

– Our new team members are motivated and have the right values. This will help us take Pumped Hydro to the next level, says Otto Werneskog, Founder.

From left: Mikael Bergmark, Thomas Johansson and Raine Vasanoja

Thomas has 26 years of international experience from the electrical power industry at ABB. He led the sales team of the world’s largest battery energy storage system in Fairbanks, Alaska. He was also involved in the development and market introduction of ABB’s HVDC & FACTS Light technology. The last 12 years Thomas has held senior management positions in ABB’s global HVDC and Substations business in Northern Europe.

Raine has over 20 years of international experience from business development and management consulting with emphasis on the energy sector. He had an active role in supporting the windpower development in Finland and is an active builder of ecosystems. Earlier he has worked for Prodacapo, Finpro, Vaasa Region Development and ABB.

Mikael Bergmark is an energy and environmental engineer.  He has a broad societal perspective with a power production and -systems focus. He wrote his Masters thesis about frequency regulation within batteries and smart grids.

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